The Battle of Mud Field Had Survivors, but No Winners

Brewers and D'Backs fight to a standstill

Updated Tuesday May 28, 2013 by David Solivan.


On Thursday night, there was mud on the ground and the smell of rain in the air as our Brewers took the field against the Kutztown D'Backs. Both coaches had worked hard to get the soaked and muddy field playable, but while the field was safe, there was still some mud to be slung, and both teams dug in for a what would turn out to be the Battle of Mud Field. There are games where players exceute so perfectly that it almost looks like a choreographed dance. Then there are others that are more ugly, where both teams struggle against their opponents and their surroundings. Thursday night's game was one of the ugly ones. In the end, the score was 11-11, and no one won the game, but coach Boyle and I learned a lot about the Fleetwood Brewers. 
  • When we came back from a 7 run deficit to take the lead by 1 in the top of the 7th, we learned that we're not a team that gives up. We're a team that catches up!
  • When some side antics that could have gotten our players to lose their temper only caused them to play harder, we learned that our team has the drive to be competitive, and the sportsmanship and class not to be vindictive.
  • Finally, when our pitching aces struggled and our second baseman/outfielder came in to stop the bleeding, we learned that when one member of our team stumbles, there will always be another one there to step up and carry the load.
Coach Boyle and I are very encouraged by what we saw in this game. Our next game is a rematch with the Marlins this coming Thursday May 30th. Where the Kutztown game was cold and wet, this Thursday promises to be a 90 degree scorcher against a team eager to make up for their previous loss against us. We have a practice the night before. Let's take that time to sharpen our skills, refine our strategy and prepare for the crucible ahead. GO FLEETWOOD BREWERS!

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